QV Sheets and Accountability in the Workplace

When doing Quantity Verification on paper, there are many times that work does not get documented correctly, which means some items never end up on an invoice, and other items may even get invoiced twice.  Paper makes it difficult to track and means that, at times, the contractor doesn’t receive proper credit, or the contractor gets too much credit.  Either way, the result is constant disputes between the contractor and the city, which, when added up, can be a big money waster! With QV Sheets this problem can easily be solved.

QV Sheets allows the city and the contractor to see everything you are working on, from contracts to projects to invoices, in real time. Therefore, when a crew lead submits an invoice, you know about it, and it is always available for you to see. That means that it is virtually impossible for a second copy of an already submitted invoice to get past you.

QV Sheets holds your contractors accountable. All the pictures that they take out on the field are marked on the QV Sheets app with a label of who took the photo, when the photo was taken, and the GPS position of where it was taken. You have access to this information in real time, so you always know how much work is being done and how much progress is being made. Imagine working with this level of transparency and accountability with your crew!


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