Crew Leads and Workers benfit from QV Sheets

Throughout the course of the workday, a worker may forget how a certain part of the project they are working on is supposed to look. They may then have to call and ask about it, or, even worse, drive back to the office just to find out! This costs workers time and it even costs you time overall because the time they spend in the car is time that could be spent on the field working. Fortunately, Quantity Verification Sheets has a solution to this problem.

With QV Sheets’ photo-based inspection technology, all workers need to do in order to find what it is they need to see to complete a certain part of their project is pull up their phone (or any other mobile device). With every piece of information easily accessible through the QV Sheets app, workers no longer need waste time driving back and forth from the office and the workplace to retrieve a piece of information or a picture that should be so much easier to find.

Because of QV Sheets, workers also no longer need to come into the office, because they can fill out all of their “paperwork” on their mobile device. This will save space and money because workers will no longer need the office space.

“Because our Inspectors can spend all of their time in the field because of the QV Sheets and their iPads, we were able to free up 14 office spaces with computers and furniture. Their truck is their office. This has resulted in a tremendous savings to the city.”

This shows that QV Sheets is easy to use, and saves you time, space, and money in a way no other system can. Be sure to sign up for QV Sheets today!

Quantity Verification Sheets (or QV Sheets) is a real-time online project completion tracking tool that verifies the contract items utilizing photos and documentation against the scope of the projects. Click here for more information and to become a member of the QV Sheets community!


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