Save Time and Frustration with QV Sheets

Quantity Verification Sheets is incredibly easy to navigate. It does not require you to have your workers flown out just to help them understand how the system they will be using works. Field workers find the software intuitive and much easier than the old paper processes. All they have to do is write up what they did and add a few photos. While QV Sheets does offer a training program, it really is not necessary.

“When we first started using QV Sheets on our Dallas project, we trained our managers and about five of our crew-leads and our sub-contracted crew leads in a 30-minute session.  The software was so easy to use that we were able to quickly deploy it to our 30 other crew-leads by word of mouth.” – Justin Mitchell, Project Director at Southland Holdings

QV Sheets also allows you to keep track of all of your retired projects and have easy access to them. It further allows you to have easy and constant access to your current projects. QV Sheets also allows easy access to special users such as city council representatives and county commissioners. These special users can run reports but can’t change the data in the system. You can also easily store and see historic data, as well as purge unnecessary data.

Quantity Verification Sheets (or QV Sheets) is a real-time online project completion tracking tool that verifies the contract items utilizing photos and documentation against the scope of the projects. Click here for more information and to become a member of the QV Sheets community!


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